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  المشاركه #1
محلل فني
تاريخ التسجيل: Dec 2006
المشاركات: 1,167

Insider 3000 يستحق التجربة ، مجانا لمدة شهرين ..

Insider 3000 برنامج شبيه بالميتاستوك لكنه أخف حجماً ، به الكثير من المؤشرات المعروفة لدى الجميع والموجودة في الميتاستوك والايمي بروكر ..
يدعم العديد من الفواصل الزمينة والاهم Real Time و End of day ويدعم العربية ...ويمكن ربطة مع مباشر برو

التحميل ....

وهذه بعض مميزات البرنامج

7 types of price charts, built-in indi***ors, graphical studies, analysis tools, powerful programming language yet simple and versatile to create new indi***ors, trading systems, alerts, explorers, search, free program upgrades, and much more...

Real Time: Insider 3000 can receive data in real time, connecting directly with selected data providers, or to any provider with a DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange) interface. This is the most widely used methods by on line Traders. Also via Web Server, like Yahoo, Quotetracker etc...

Real Time speed: very quick refresh of charts, signals, alerts, indi***ors, studies, etc...

End of day: complete with any functionality a trader can wish for, studies, indi***ors, trading systems...

End of day data update: Insider 3000 is compatible with all historical data providers whom publish data in Metastock or text format...

Programming language: powerful and versatile, yet very simple because based on syntax familiar to all Microsoft products users. It allows to build any kind of trading system, indi***or, alert, exploration, search, etc. There is also a dedi***ed built in Editor. The only limit could only be users creativity!

Backtesting tool: Trading system backtesting is able to divide historical data in two parts. The first is used to optimize parameters, the second to test their efficiency..

Data Downloader from Yahoo: Insider 3000 has a built-in automatic procedure to download historical data and updates from Yahoo site. With a few clicks the user can have in Insider 3000 a procedure which will update historical series already present on the system, starting from the last available data. In this way even if the user does not connect every day, in a few seconds he can update all data is interested in, and with out any additional effort.

Continually developed: Insider 3000 has never stopped evolving since it was born. This is the only way to guarantee, in the present and in the future, to all our users the maximum efficiency with always up to date cutting edge functionalities.

Free upgrades: program can be freely updated until the next major version. Who buy any 3.x.x version of Insider 3000 is entitled to have for free all versions up to version 3.9.9

الموضوع الأصلي : اضغط هنا    ||   المصدر : منتدى هوامير البورصة السعودية

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مشكور اخوى و بارك الله فيك

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كاتب قدير
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ممكن تشرح كيف طريقة التنصيب

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بارك الله فيك

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نريد مزيد من المعلومات

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عضو هوامير المؤسس
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للأسف المزيد والمزيد من البرامج المشابهه للميتاستوك ولا أدري ماهو التميز بهم!!!

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